Rebuilding of Vurgavan school

The school of Vurgavan: memories of the past versus the bright reality

In the summer of 2015, the Hayrenaser Organization completely reconstructed the school of Vurgavan village in the Kashatagh region of Artsakh; and built a new community administration center along with a health clinic. This project transmitted a new hope to the villagers for a better future in their own town, who up until then were thinking about leaving it. Today, their children are able to study in a modern and comfortable school where their health is not endangered. The town affairs are discussed in the administration building, instead of the streets. Today, the people of Vurgavan believe in the future of their town.
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Today Our Town Has Faith

Five months has passed since the reconstruction of the community center/complex of Vurgavan Village in Qashatagh Region. The complex was built in the summer of 2015 by Hayrenaser Organization and consists of school with a gym, a health clinic, and a community administration center.
Vurgavan was liberated during the Artsakh war and named after the liberation-fighter Vurg Voskanyan. Although, the process of resettlement began back in 1994-1995, the school had remained in a desolate condition and a hazard to student health up until 2015. Moreover, the town also lacked a health clinic and an administration center.
The grand opening of the infrastructure complex took place on September 5, 2015. According to the town mayor, Gueorgui Khachatryan, these infrastructures gave new hope and faith to the villagers. “I am currently at the town center,” the mayor added during our interview. “More people attend our meetings to discuss issues concerning our village now,” emphasized the mayor. Before the construction of the administration center, town affairs were discussed in the streets or at the mayor’s house, depending on the weather conditions of the day.

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Vurgavan school after reconstruction (photos)

Dear hayreanser,

We are excited to present to you the photos of Vurgavan community school of liberated Qashatagh region after the complete reconstruction. Due to the generous patriot sponsors today schoolchildren in Vurgavan have classes in modern, comfortable and clean school.

In 2015 The Hayrenaser Organization completely reconstructed the school of Vurganan community and built a new health clinic and village administration here.

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The opening ceremony of the complex of essential infrastructures in Vurgavan (photo)

On September 5 the opening ceremony of the complex of the essential infrastructures took place in Vurgavan village of liberated Qashatagh region, Artsakh. The complex houses completely reconstructed school, newly-built health clinic and village administration. The complex is built by Hayrenaser Organization during the summer of this year and Vurgavantsi schoolchildren met the new academic year at the new school.

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Framing the Future of Vurgavan Village: The People Involved

Armans Story

Arman is a construction worker from city of Berdzor, who has been living in the liberated Kashatagh Province of Artsakh since 1998. Armans family, father, mother, six brothers and sisters moved to Berdzor from Ara Village, in the Kotayk Province of Armenia. His father, also a construction worker, sold his ten hectare (24 acre) land and moved to the liberated homeland for a better life. Arman joined them two years later, after he came back from his military service.

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The Reconstruction is for the brave inhabitants of Vurgavan


Gueorgui Khachatryan: The Mayor of Vurgavan

Gueorgui Khachatryan has been living in Vurgavan since the beginning of its resettlement in 1995-6, immediately after the ceasefire between Armenia and Azerbaijan. He was originally from Jermuk and participated in the liberation movement of Kashatagh Province of Artsakh. For two years, he lived in Aghavno Village, also known as Zaboukh , with his family, then moved to Vurgavan.

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Construction in Vurgavan is in full swing

Dear hayrenaser,

We are happy to announce that the construction in Vurgavan village of Artsakh liberated Kashatagh region is in full swing.

Hayrenaser organization completely reconstructs the village school and constructs new health clinic and village administration in Vurgavan.

The locals are thrilled, their morale is high: this construction gives hope for tomorrow, gives future to Vurgavatsis.

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Founders of Hayrenaser Organization at USArmenia TV Channel

Co-founders of Hayrenaser Organization Stepan Sargsyan and Nelli Shushi Martirosyan at USArmenia TV Channel speak about the project which was carried out by the organization last year in Lernahovit community, Qashatagh region, Artsakh, where the school was completely rebuilt. They speak about their current project to build health clinic and new village administration and completely reconstruct the school in Vurgavan, another village of Qashatagh. The guests of “PanArmenian Morning” TV program also refer to their personal goals.

Hayrenaser Will Build Essential Infrastructure in Vurgavan Village of Kashatagh

During 2014 the Hayrenaser Organization completely rebuilt the school of the Lernahovit community in the Kashatagh region of Artsakh. The Lernahovit community (former Eznagomer) is situated 50 kms northwest from the administrative center Berdzor (former Lachin). The community started to be resettled by Armenians just after the Artsakh liberation war, when our freedom fighters liberated Kashatagh. The Lernahovit community includes villages Lernahovit, Shrvakan and Spitakajur. The students of these three villages and also the neighbouring Hak village attend the Lernahovit school. The school pictures before and after the reconstruction can be found hereRead more