Framing the Future of Vurgavan Village: The People Involved

Armans Story

Arman is a construction worker from city of Berdzor, who has been living in the liberated Kashatagh Province of Artsakh since 1998. Armans family, father, mother, six brothers and sisters moved to Berdzor from Ara Village, in the Kotayk Province of Armenia. His father, also a construction worker, sold his ten hectare (24 acre) land and moved to the liberated homeland for a better life. Arman joined them two years later, after he came back from his military service.

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The Reconstruction is for the brave inhabitants of Vurgavan


Gueorgui Khachatryan: The Mayor of Vurgavan

Gueorgui Khachatryan has been living in Vurgavan since the beginning of its resettlement in 1995-6, immediately after the ceasefire between Armenia and Azerbaijan. He was originally from Jermuk and participated in the liberation movement of Kashatagh Province of Artsakh. For two years, he lived in Aghavno Village, also known as Zaboukh , with his family, then moved to Vurgavan.

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