The Reconstruction is for the brave inhabitants of Vurgavan


Gueorgui Khachatryan: The Mayor of Vurgavan

Gueorgui Khachatryan has been living in Vurgavan since the beginning of its resettlement in 1995-6, immediately after the ceasefire between Armenia and Azerbaijan. He was originally from Jermuk and participated in the liberation movement of Kashatagh Province of Artsakh. For two years, he lived in Aghavno Village, also known as Zaboukh , with his family, then moved to Vurgavan.


So how and why did he move to Vurgavan?

One of the main reasons why Gueorgui moved his family to Vurgavan was due to the fact that Aghavno village had insufficient irrigation, making it difficult for him to effectively cultivate his land. Living in Vurgavan for all these years, he has grown attached to his village. He has even carved three Armenian cross-stones in memory of those who lost their lived during the war, and has installed them in Vurgavan, as well as in two neighboring villages. According to Gueorgui, “Wherever there are Armenian Cross-Stones, an Armenian feels oneself more and more attached to his land.” Gueorgui did not have an easy start in the village and those are times he prefers to not recall and recount.

 He looks after the land not only by cultivating it, but also by ensuring its safety with a weapon if necessary!

Gueorgui who participated in the liberation movement of Artsakh, is always ready to protect his sacred homeland with a weapon when necessary. Last year during the instability and border tensions between Armenia and Azerbaijan, he was one of the first people to voluntarily join the soldiers at the border. His participation did not only motivate the soldiers, but also served as an effective physical force since he actively participated in the process of identifying and neutralizing a dangerous insurgent group; for which he was honored.

He sees his childrens future in Vurgavan


Cultivating the land, Gueorgui not only benefits from its harvest, but simultaneously gives it life and a bright future. “All my children are in Vurgavan, they were born here, got married here, live here and don’t want to move anywhere else,” says Gueorgui. His ten grandchildren also live in Vurgavan, and the oldest of them all, Suzy, is going on second grade this year.

This year, Hayrenaser Organization will be reconstructing the crumbling school of Vurgavan so that the new generation of the village’s residents will have access to a new, modern,  and comfortable school that they deserve for living in their homeland and keeping it safe with their heroic actions every day.


Tamara Grigoryan, Hayrenaser Organization

Translated by Anush Petrosyan