Our Heroes Need YOU


Dear hayrenaser,

Our heroes need YOUR urgent help!

Our boys, the brave soldiers of the Armenian Armed Forces, showed true heroism as they defended our motherland these past days against a vicious aggressor. At times that heroism required of them the ultimate sacrifice – their lives.


One such hero, army captain Armenak Urfanyan, sacrificed his life to save his company and stop the enemy’s advance. After ordering his men to retreat to safety he stayed behind all alone to face an overwhelming enemy force. In the ensuing battle captain Urfanyan managed to destroy an enemy tank and eliminate a dozen enemy soldiers. Once out of ammunition, he used his last grenade to blow up himself and the approaching enemy, rather than surrender.

Dear hayrenaser, captain Urfanyan and our other fallen brothers sacrificed themselves to protect your family and homeland. With your donation YOU can protect the families they left behind and become their personal hero.

The Hayrenaser Organization, a non-profit with extensive experience in implementing large infrastructure projects (e.g. building schools) and rural development programs in Armenia, has launched an urgent fundraising campaign to assist the families of our fallen heroes and their wounded comrades. 100% of donated funds will go to the families, with no administrative costs.

YOU can help newly-widowed wives of fallen heroes to put food on the table; to buy clothes and school supplies for newly-orphaned little children; to pay for pills and medical care for helpless elderly parents left without a caretaker…

Donate to the families of our fallen heroes and become their personal hero!

Stepan Sargsyan and Nelli Shushi Martirosyan
Founders, Hayrenaser Organization

If you would like to make a donation online, please click the “Donate” button. Otherwise, please make your checks payable to Hayrenaser and mail it to the address below.

P.O. Box 251231
Glendale, CA 91225