Building of a Burned House

HELP Nurse Sona: Fire in Hochants!

First, your newborn son needs medical assistance due to complications.
Then, your family gets into a terrible car crash resulting in serious injury.
Then, your home burns down…

While this may sound like a script for a horror movie, it is not! It is what happened to the family of village nurse Sona Karapetyan from the village of Hochants in the Kashatagh region of Artsakh.

Hayrenaser is involved in infrastructure construction and humanitarian projects in Kashatagh. On March 9th we got word of a fire in the Hochants village. Immediately, we rushed to the scene to see how we can help. What we learned was devastating. (see the video above in Armenian).

Sona had taken her newborn son to see a doctor in Yerevan. On her way back her family got into a terrible car crash, resulting in serious injuries, broken bones. While in the hospital, their home in Hochants burned down and completely destroyed all their belongings.

While the government agencies provide help, it is not enough to build a new home. ONLY YOU can help to build a home for Sona’s newborn (see blueprint below). And since her family of 7 is left homeless, we need to start the reconstruction ASAP. So your help is NEEDED URGENTLY!

Nurse Sona’s only hope now is the generosity of people LIKE YOU. Please make your tax-deductible donation by clicking the “DONATE” button.


Pictures of the Burned House

Pictures of the Burned House After Rebuilding it


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RAISED: $14,880

Needed: $15,000