Armenia is AT WAR!

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Dear hayrenaser,

Armenia is AT WAR!

And she needs the help of all its patriots, including YOU!

Our defenders met the enemy’s first attack with heroism and defended Armenia. But it’s not over. The Armenian military reports that the enemy is accumulating more troops and equipment on the border. Thus, Armenia is preparing to face a all-out attack!

Our brothers in Armenia stand on the frontline and heroically face off the savage enemy. We, in the Diaspora, must assist our heroic defenders with supplies and moral support.

We ask YOU to donate funds to defend our homeland, because our compatriots on the frontline have already donated their lives.

When we called on patriots like you to assist the families of our fallen heroes, the response was overwhelming. In 3 weeks you donated $40,000 to help the grieving families. You donated generously, and we at Hayrenaser worked fast and tirelessly (and without sleep) to deliver your donations to the families. In 2 weeks 30 families received your gratitude and $500 in assistance. But more families await.

We kept in touch with our contacts in Artsakh and on the frontline. When we learned that sleeping bags were needed, we mobilized quickly and in couple days delivered 100 of those to Artsakh.

However, as the enemy has accumulated more troops and equipment, the danger has only become more serious. Every day more heroes continue to die on the frontline. Every day more civilians continue to be evacuated and uprooted. Every day the need for supplies continues to grow. So, our volunteers are on stand-by to fly to Armenia on a moment’s notice as the situation develops.

Donate with a generosity worthy of the heroism of our soldiers on the frontline.


Stepan Sargsyan and Nelli Martirosyan
Founders, Hayrenaser Organization