“Hayrenaser” at the patriot’s house

I am knocking Armenak Urfanyan’s door. The last time she looked forward for the door to open was on Easter Eave. However, I had other concerns. I thought of a hundred different scenarios how my meeting with our hero’s mother, Hamest, would go, so I could pass on to her the donations from Hayrenaser, their gratitude and heartfelt letter from the founders.

She received many letters from people in the past few days; letters which glorified her brave and patriotic, Armenak, as the son of commander Vazgen, and comforted and encouraged the mother. Every word and dialogue is invaluable for this family.


“Look at this picture. He loved his military uniform. Ah, they brought home his medals, instead of him. What am I to do with these medals?”– said Mrs. Hamest barely containing her tears in her throat and looking at a picture of young Armenak in Saint Petersburg.
Armenak will no longer wear his military uniform. It will from now be a reminder for everyone from a corner of a room, the imposing and courageous captain who saved an entire city, country, homeland.


Ani Khachatryan
Hayrenaser Organization