Reaching Out to Families of Our Heroes

We have been reaching out to the families of our fallen heroes. As would be expected, this outreach is very emotional. Our team member, Tamar Grigoryan, put that experience in words.

I need to call the mother of our fallen hero Armenak Urfanyan, Mrs. Hamest. My hand’s shaking, but I pick the phone and timidly dial the number… I need to tell her that the Hayrenaser Organization is fundraising to help the families of our martyred boys.

The mother listens, while weeping silently. I finish speaking, with tears choking my last words. After a moment of silence, she murmurs: “If you only knew how proud my son was…”

Of course, your son was a proud man, Mrs. Hamest. Only a proud man would stand his ground alone against an overwhelming force to save his troops and blow up himself and the enemy. Yes, your boy was proud, your Armenak was a hero, Mrs. Hamest. And you, too, should be proud for raising such a hero. And the Hayrenaser Organization and its donors want to stand by you in your time of immense pain and tell you: just as your son gave his life to protect us, so too we will protect you!”

Tamar Grigoryan
Hayrenaser Organization