YOUR help is needed to ensure the families of all our fallen heroes (not just some) – around 80 and still counting – receive $500 per family.

Requiem of a capitan Armenak Urfanyan took place at the St. Hovhannes Church in Yerevan

Your donation will provide financial assistance to newly-widowed wives of fallen heroes who have to struggle to put food on the table. You will impact the lives of newly-orphaned little children who will grow up without a father-figure in their lives. You will help to take care of elderly parents whose martyred sons will no longer be able to care for them, to protect them. You will help protect Mrs. Hamest, just as her hero son Armenak died protecting us.

As of April 12th patriots of Armenia donated over $10,000. We thank and recognize each of these hayrenaser donors on our website. But we need to raise at least another $30,000.

Along with the funds to each family we will also deliver a note of gratitude detailing the name of the specific donor. Each donor will know which family received her contribution. And each family will know the name of their supporter. All the documentation (receipts, pictures, etc.) will be posted on our website. You will see the impact your donation makes vividly. Regular updates will lead you through the whole process as if you personally deliver it to the families. That, we promise you!