Requiem of a capitan Armenak Urfanyan took place at the St. Hovhannes Church in Yerevan

The Hayrenaser organization implemented and finished this project after the April war.



Dear hayrenaser,

Our boys, the brave soldiers of the Armenian Armed Forces, sacrifice their lives to defend your family and motherland with incredible heroism.

WITH YOUR DONATION you can protect the families they leave behind and become their personal hero. You can help newly-widowed wives of fallen heroes to put food on the table.  You can help buy clothes and school supplies for newly-orphaned little children. You can help to pay for pills and medical care for helpless elderly parents left without a caretaker. Donate to the families of our fallen heroes and become their PERSONAL HERO!



OUR APPEAL: help them!


OUR HEROES: know them!


DONORS: join them!


RAISED: $37,932

Needed: $44,000