Herik: the village saved by miracle

Founders of Hayrenaser Stepan Sargsyan, Nelli Martirosyan and their daughter Shushi on their way to Herik.

Herik village, along with Moshatagh and Berdik, is in the Moshatagh region. Herik is located 45 kilometers north east from the Kashatagh’s central region of Berdzor. The village was liberated during the Artsakh war in 1991-92. Resettlement began around 1995-96.

There were only 30 families in the region during those years. The village lacked electricity and a school for a couple of years after the resettlement.


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Construction in Herik school: step by step (photo)

Dear Hayrenaser,

we are excited and happy to present to you the whole huge work which was done by Hayrenaser Organization due to its donors in Herik village of Kashatagh region, Artsakh. we present to you the photos of the construction of Herik school.

Hayrenaser and its donors gave a modern and comfortable school to the kids of Herik village.

First, let’s see the ruins which were to become a new school.

And now let’s see how the work started:

Construction in Herik school: the work is started

Construction in Herik school: putting the walls

Construction in Herik school: installing the roof

Construction in Herik school: installing the roof 2

Construction in Herik schhol: roof is ready

Construction in Herik school: photos taken during the work

Constructions were carried also in the yard of the school:

Construction in Herik school: view from outside

Herik school yard construction

And at last, Construction of Herik school comes to the end, and also, Installing the windows in Herik schoolInstalling doors in Herik school and Interior construction of the newly-built school in Herik.



Requiem of a capitan Armenak Urfanyan took place at the St. Hovhannes Church in Yerevan

The Hayrenaser organization implemented and finished this project after the April war.



Dear hayrenaser,

Our boys, the brave soldiers of the Armenian Armed Forces, sacrifice their lives to defend your family and motherland with incredible heroism.

WITH YOUR DONATION you can protect the families they leave behind and become their personal hero. You can help newly-widowed wives of fallen heroes to put food on the table.  You can help buy clothes and school supplies for newly-orphaned little children. You can help to pay for pills and medical care for helpless elderly parents left without a caretaker. Donate to the families of our fallen heroes and become their PERSONAL HERO!



OUR APPEAL: help them!


OUR HEROES: know them!


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Needed: $44,000