Hero Bagrat Aleksanyan


“Help the soldier guarding the frontline.” This was the message of the father of hero BAGRAT ALEKSANYAN during our visit.

Bagrat had forced his family to repatriate from Moscow so he could serve in the Armenian army. Who would do such a thing? Only a TRUE HERO. He and his younger brother, serving with him, never guarded the trenches together. In case the unthinkable happened, one of them would be left to take care of their parents. And the unthinkable did happen, only 2 months before the end of his service. Bagrat was one of the 18 soldiers’ whose bodies were mutilated by the enemy.

Hayrenaser visited the family of fallen hero BAGRAT ALEKSANYAN and delivered our donors’ gratitude and $500 in donations. We thank Masis Ghazaryan and Alina Koutnouyan for helping the family of our hero.





5 Bagrat Aleksanyan