Hero Andranik Grigoryan

Andranik Grigoryan 1

Hayrenaser visited the family of fallen hero ANDRANIK GRIGORYAN and delivered our donors’ gratitude and $500 in donations.
Andranik’s family lives in Artsakh, in the Haykavan village of the region of Hadrut. They are resettlers from the city of Gyumri. Andranik’s wife is only 19 years old. She moved to Artsakh from the town of Yeghegnadzor. The family is extremely poor. They were offended that so far only one person had cared to visit them. The families of fallen soldiers, especially those living in remote areas, feel great comfort and moral support when people visit them to pay their respects to their hero. Andranik served in the army on a contractual basis. Now his 19-year-old wife will have to raise their 2 children as a single mother…

We thank the Eating Right, Inc – Saladmastercompany and its owners, Alyosha and Kristine Petrosyan, for helping the family of our hero. THANK YOU!!!

Here are some photos taken during the visit:

«Հայրենասեր»-ի եւ իր նվիրատուների երախտագիտության նամակը՝ ուղղվածի ԱՆդրանիկի կնոջը:
Անդրանիկի կնոջ ստորագրած ստացականը: