Hero Grigor Harutyunyan


Hayrenaser visited the family of fallen hero GRIGOR HARUTYUNYAN and delivered our donors’ gratitude and $500 in donations.

During our visit we met Grigror’s mother and grandmother. We learned that Grigor’s father, Gevorg, was deceased. The grandmother told us about Grigor’s girlfriend, about his goals. He had promised to renovate their home upon return from the army. He could do everything: electricity, masonry, etc. Grigor was a very modest and balanced individual. He loved animals a lot, had a dog. Before going to the army he worked at a small grocery shop with his mother. Every morning the dog would accompany them to and from the shop. Grigor also drew really well.

We thank the following generous donors for helping the family of our hero: Poghos and Nelly Arakelyan, Lusine Dadayan, Lilit Bedjanian, Maneh Petrosyan, Vartuhi Mkhitaryan. THANK YOU!!!

Here are some photos taken during the visit:

«Հայրենասեր»-ի եւ իր նվիրատուների երախտագիտության նամակն՝ ուղղված Գրիգորի մայրիկին: