Hero Hrach Galstyan


Hayrenaser visited the family of fallen hero HRACH GALSTYAN in Gyumri and delivered our donors’ gratitude and $500 in donations.

On May 7th Hrach’s wife, Anush, became 18 years old. During our visit Hrach’s wife was expecting their first baby girl, who’s been born since then. We are wishing the newborn a peaceful life. Hrach’s mother, Mrs Anahit, said: “I will organize a birthday party for our bride’s so that my Hrach can see it and fell happy.” The father of Anush also serves in the military and is currently on the frontline. The only thing that the family asks is an apartment for the wife and the baby daughter of Hrach.

We thank Anna Gegamyan for helping the family of our hero in honor of her beloved mother Greta Gegamyan.

Here are some photos taken during the visit:

Hrach Galstyan_3
Hrach Galstyan_1
27 Hrach Galstyan