Hero Beniamin Yeghoyan


Hayrenaser visited the family of fallen hero BENIAMIN YEGHOYAN and delivered our donors’ gratitude and $500 in donations.

During our visit Beniamin’s father and sister were at home. His father also served in the military. For 4 years he fought in the first Arstakh war. Unfortunately, due to a heart attack he is currently in a wheelchair and unable to see. The father informed us that he studied with Vazgen Sargsyan and told a wonderful story about Beno. “I took Beno to the anniversary celebration of the Bash-Aparan victory. There were 500 at the table. Beno ran towards Vazgen Sargsyan. ‘Godfather Vazgen, godfather Vazgen!’ Vazgen lifted him. And Beno picked up the shot glass and yelled out: ‘Long live the Armenian people!’ Everybody stood up and started applauding. And Vazgen unpinned a medal off his chest and gave it to my Beno.” During our visit Beno father, though unable to see, was in front of the TV attentively listening to news from Artsakh. He still pays attention to every news story. It was the former brothers-in-arms of the father that told him about the son’s death. The military drone had hit Beniamin’s tank.

We thank the following donors for helping the family of our hero: Amaras Zargarian, Stavro Khachikyan, Vanda Ayrapetyan.

Here are some photos taken during the visit:

16 Beniamin Yeghoyan